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FanFix February 08, 2014 3162
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I consider Son of Jorel to be the best Superman edit that I have seen, so was not sure if Avid4D's take on a combined Superman 1 and 2 edit would be able to add much to the equation.

Thankfully, I can report that the edit certainly has a unique voice, and is a worthy addition to the long list of Superman fanedits on IFDB. The visual and audio editing is very good, and there are some really creative choices in the way the new narrative is structured. The use of the singular scene from Superman IV, for example, is employed skillfully to explain why Superman is not intervening while the super villains attack Washington.

The action is faster, as intended, and grating aspects of the original (Otis!) are much less present this time round.

From a narrative point of view, it mostly works... There is a sudden and abrupt jump in Lex's plan, attitude and behavior between movies which is hard to avoid, and the clunky implications of the world being turned back are still present, but it's not a deal breaker.

Enjoyable edit!

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Owner's reply February 25, 2014

Thanks njvc... I'm glad you enjoyed it. I find the scene of time being reversed both exciting and clunky (as you mention) but to maintain Richard Donner's vision I kept it - all be it with some changes/additions I made in an effort to show Superman may have fixed some things by spinning the world back but couldn't prevent everything. I have more edits on the way, all in 720p or 1080p :)

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