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(Updated: September 08, 2023)
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And the hits keep coming with entry in the Tarantino Tales.

Kill Bill is my favourite QT flick, so I was very curious what road would be taken to whittle this classic down by 50 minutes.

What we get is mostly set-up for the cliffhanger ending. While the originals were broken into two movies, each movie had its own beginning, middle and end. That is not quite the case here. However, I will say the new cliffhanger ending is masterful and I loved it.

Much of the movie is dedicated to O-Ren's backstory but it has no pay-off. Narratively, it might have played stronger if part one had gone with The Bride's confrontation with O-Ren and saved the Green fight for part two.

The structure and pacing of some of O-Ren and Pai Mei was a bit abrupt in some spots, but I very much liked the idea of The Bride training while waiting for her sword to be made.

Noted one flash frame during the hospital fade to black, or more specifically, during the fade to black the camera angle changes.

A fun watch.
Looking forward to Kill Bill Vol 2! :)
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