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FanMix August 31, 2023 1834
(Updated: March 20, 2024)
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I always felt Inglourious was a bit of a tonal and pacing mess; some bits were golddust and some went on too long because QT didn't know when to quit. ArtisDead has tightened this thing up and focused on the main spine: Aldo Raine's attempt to get as deep into enemy territory as possible and the resultant two-pronged scheme to blow up the cinema with the upper command of the Nazis within.

The edit employs mostly Bowie music to give the piece more tonal consistency and a more rock'n'roll flavor but it also keeps some of the best scenes between Landa (Waltz) and Shoshanna to build to the theatre climax. Some scenes are still too languid (the briefing with an old Rod Taylor (never realized that was him!) and Mike Myers; when they pick up Shoshanna outside her theatre). These spare bits can't easily be deleted entirely. The messiness is in the DNA of the original material. Still ArtisDead has employed what must be 100s of microcuts throughout to make the thing move in a short time to the big climax which is further enhanced by an unexpected Pink Floyd song during the explosions.

As it is with most fanedits, if you don't miss anything (too much) that's been cut, then it's a success. And this episode (7 of 10) certainly is. I look forward to seeing what other editors do with QT's other films, which I generally liked better than this one.

Recommended for fans of IB and even for people who didn't quite like it before!

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