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FanMix September 01, 2023 1999
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This edit was really cool. It feels like the Basterds have a bigger share of the cake in terms of on-screen time and that’s what I really hope when watching an edit based on a movie called Inglorious Basterds. I am not familiar with ArtisDead’s body of work, but I must say he delivered on this one.
Of course the technical aspects were on par with what we expect from a fanedit. On the narrative side I was afraid at first, that the character of Christoph Waltz would be too much lessened. His performance is iconic in my opinion and I could watch the movie just for his acting. Even though I found myself missing him from time to time, this edit has him doing what he does. But it may have made him feel a little bit less intimidating. From what I can tell though, it changes nothing to the narrative in the end.
I’m not as big a fan of the music choices made here but I think the editor already knows that he and I have different views on that! Although I would not have modernized the soundtrack, the chosen songs were well suited for the themes and emotions throughout. I’m not sure about some editing choices though. For example, the first song, Heroes, drops down weirdly during the opening credits scene. And the song during the German actress interrogation was clear at first then became muffled when the door got closed like it was heard by the characters in the theater. Or the answer by the German officer who kills Shoshana fades so we don’t understand him quite well.
I have to say Inglorious Basterds is one of my favorite Tarantino movies and surpassing my enjoyment of the original would have been surprising, but it came close.
Overall, this edit was fun to watch and made me want to see more from the Red Apple Crew and from ArtisDead as well.

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