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I've been watching the Tarantino Tales in order, but I skipped ahead a bit to watch this one. One of the main things this edit does is update the soundtrack, which was excellent. I liked that it focused more on Raine and the group a bit more. It then kind of starts rushing things with Shosanna. I can understand this because the stories are intertwined and you need to explain that a bit. You're have to explain Landa's backstory quickly, Raine's group and motivations, who and why a girl and a man are burning down their theater, and then pack it into an hour. My suggestion is to possibly lose Hicox's briefing scene with Mike Meyers, yet keep the bar in some form to explain the death of some of the Basterds like Stiglitz. Speaking of the briefing and bar scenes, those were two instances I felt the audio/soundtrack to be a bit heavy handed. It overshadows words that are being spoken and doesn't mesh well in those moments. When the music is extended into the scene you almost want to be able to turn the volume down on it because a conversation is starting. The edits made flowed really well and never felt it jumped out of place. Overall I really had fun with this. It is an excellent job and effort by ArtisDead and I'd like to say thanks for making it. This is a super enjoyable way to watch this film.

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