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(Updated: September 15, 2023)
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This one was really fun, with only a few small issues!

When I started watching I was originally going to hate on the use of "6 Months Earlier" but Tarantino is the flashback king so it seems on brand, and it was a good scene selection. Then when you did the Speck Brothers flashback-in-a-flashback, it was very well done and clear, and I loved the audio effect you put in there double-down and make sure we knew what was happening. The montage leading up to "Mississippi" was really well done and flew through like 40 mins of the movie in 2 mins. The cuts keep the plot easy to follow, and before I knew it we were catching up to the beginning of the episode.

Unfortunately for me the ending feels very rushed and here's where it fell apart a bit for me. I would have loved to see a shot of Django riding his horse like a wild-man like he was escaping, and then coming back after Candie's funeral to kill the rest of them, blow up the house, and save his wife. Sam Jackson's character never gets his comeuppance, which felt unsatisfying.

If the ending was reworked this one would be near perfect for me, but as it is I'd say it's pretty good.

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