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I like that edit of T2. It is well made and entertaining. I should mention that I have not rewatched the original movie for a long time so my memory may be blurry about some details.
The visual treatment is very interesting, applying an older look without overdoing it. Everything that was cut I did not miss (or remembered). The new score is very cool. Added VFX are nice. I liked almost all of it. The only note I’d like to give for this review is about the pacing of the horror since this is a focus of this edit. I feel like T-1000 is missing for too long around the middle of the movie. I missed him and cooled down a bit too much during the time spent at Enrique’s and Miles’. That may well be how it was edited in the original, I can’t remember exactly but I feel like there is something missing here. How does T-1000 get his police bike again? Anyway moving on with the ratings.

AV quality: the degrading is very nice and well made. I like it! And Bravo Scribbling Man for the new score. It felt right!
Audio editing: all pretty well made. I was a bit distracted by the shifting levels of Welcome to the Jungle at first, but I think it was all ok when I went back for a second listen. It follows what we see on screen with maybe just a slight lack of finesse?
Video editing: All well, I think Reese talks for a few seconds without his lips moving after a cut in the dream sequence, but it goes by so quickly, nitpicking again.
Narrative: The story holds up fine, the humor is still there, the action scenes are thrilling, character arcs are as is, I think.
Enjoyment: My only gripes, I was missing the T-1000 for too long and there was too much of a cool down period for me in the middle of the movie.
Recommendation: I strongly suggest you watch this edit, especially if you like action movies from the ‘80s and appreciate the work that can be done on visual aesthetics of fanedits. Good job!

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February 23, 2024
"I was missing the T-1000 for too long and there was too much of a cool down period for me in the middle of the movie."

It was always like that in the original movie.
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