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August 31, 2010 @ 11:19 pm

I came into this edit as a blank slate. I never watched the original in the theater, and because of the lack-luster reviews, the bargain-sale DVD I bought on clearance from Blockbuster remains unwatched on my shelf.

So with a fresh slate and no frame of reference I have to say that largely, T-Hope has crafted a movie that narratively, works fairly well and overall, I was able to enjoy the story and sights.

Visual quality was hard to evaluate as I was watching this on a small screen. It didn’t present anything that looked bad, visual edits worked well, however the new introduction felt occasionally off as the film quality from various sources varied wildly. However, the manner in which they presented Judgement Day far outweighed the visual inconsistency. The only scene I think I might have cut was the insertion of Dr. Silberman, its video quality was so drastically different and overall feel was so ‘cheap’ for lack of a better word that it pulled me out of the montage which I had previously been pulled into.
Audio wise I noticed many hard edits, but to be fair I was listening with headphones which are exceptionally unforgiving. But there were a few where the beat and pace of the music simply didn’t fit well, and then a few seconds later would have the same mis-step as the next scene came on. One that stands out is during the sequence where Marcus is learning about himself, and then makes his choice.

Because I haven’t watched to original yet, I can say that I only noticed a few areas where something was obviously missing. While any overt mention of Skynet knowing who Kyle was, it was obvious from the footage left in that they were looking for him as the machines scanned him very specifically and reacted once he was Identified. Even without the supporting confirmation I could feel that something had been removed, which is further compounded by him being in specific isolation at Skynet and the fact that he was how Marcus leads John into the trap. More than enough was left on screen that I knew the subplot even with it being gone.
Marcus however was handled wonderfully. Reading the above reviews something was obviously cut at the beginning, but I never felt its absence, his story unfolded perfectly. I did not have a problem with the filter on his memory flashback. Not having seen the original i didn’t know that this was not original so good job.
Again, and this is not really in T-Hope’s hands, it was obvious that Marcus was suppose to be rescued in the final portion of the action sequence, if only because this is a big-budget Hollywood film. There are enough markers left that you know he’s supposed to get out of there somehow, and from reading the above reviews I guess this is true. T-Hopes method of editing out the heart surgery works well and seems a good choice, as described it’s a ridiculously over-the-top and contrived story point.

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T-Hope has assembled a decent story out of what appears to have been a mess of a theatrical release, but even without seeing the original I could feel the edits and missing pieces.

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