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I think what I really want from That Thing You Do is an EP edition (that's "shorter" for you kids out there). That said, if you dig the movie and want more, or just want an alternative watch, this fanedit is the ticket. It might not replace the theatrical cut purely because this runs over 2 hours. That's going to feel too long for some people for what's a pretty straightforward story. But I could easily see it replacing the Extended Edition DVD.

Importantly, the faneditor doesn't just pick and choose which scenes to add in, but also moved a few things around to improve the narrative, and I think they're all good choices. I have to say that the touches added to the opening credits are very impressive, too! The quality of everything done here is fantastic, actually better than the original film. There's only one spot where I did notice (and I see now that others did too) the exterior street scene was cut in. It was originally the opening of the film and it just looks very different than how the footage around it was shot in its new position. It's a small quibble though.

A bigger quibble: why can't Lenny get a better ending?! Man, that final title card is a bummer. I want a fan-edit that types up a bit more of a life for him. Justice for Steve Zahn!

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