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This was pretty damn fantastic! I really enjoy watching Avengers edits now, thanks to Sunarep and Juice. I won't compare it to juice's edit (mainly because I've yet to see his Part 2) but compared to the theatrical versions, this is a worthy alternative to having a massive marathon before re-watching The Avengers.

The only thing that bugged me was the overall structure. I liked that the films were intercut with each other instead of just playing out 1-2-3, but the flows felt off to a degree. I didn't have a huge problem with it but after having the finale of each movie I felt done for the night and put the edit on hold. I enjoyed the deleted scenes at the very end, but it felt a little dragged out in my opinion. Once the finale of Hulk happened, I was all set to rewatch Avengers.

Video quality was great, but since these are 2 hour (plus) movies I personally would have preferred a more standard DL DVD. Not a huge thing, but quality loss is noticeable in Part 1.

As for audio editing, I only noticed 1 rough audio transition, so well done on the other 100 transitions. ;)

Overall, I loved this edit. It does pretty much exactly what it wants to do, give viewers a shorter, better companion piece to Captain America: Steve Rogers Cut, Iron Man 1 and The Avengers.

P.S. Damn you. After hearing the first minute of that song in the end credits, now I gotta re-listen to that album. It's 2 AM, I gotta go to bed. :(

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