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Basing this solely on part 1 because that's all i've seen.
I watched this yesterday and I'm pumped for part 2, Primarily this focuses on Iron man 2, while dipping into Hulk 08 and Thor, I'd say about a fraction of thor is covered an half of Hulk, these will take center stage in part 2.

How does it stand as a movie? it is completely watchable, I never found myself getting bored, because of the nature of the edit you zip between characters, there's always something happening to keep you interested. Given that Iron man 2 and Hulk weren't the best entries in the recent Marvel-verse, there;s just enough of the good stuff salvaged to tell a decent coherant story. Unlike neglify I perfer the back and forth nature of the films, though I wish a little less Iron man 2 had been included in part one, maybe saving the second encounter with Whiplash and his escape for part 2, but I'm nitpicking.

I can't wait to conclude the outcome.

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