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Though superhero films have been around for a while it wasn't until the X-Men that it became a genre all of its own. While there's been more misses than hits Marvel studios has shown just what can be done in terms of building a superhero universe on the big screen.

With Iron Man Marvel studios started what would become a cinematic universe combing all five films into one large story leading into one of the most enjoyable cinematic experiences I’ve had with the release of The Avengers.

Sunarep edit split into two parts interweaving a complicated plot which results with the formation of The Avengers. These two edits are a good way of watching the films within a short space time, with all the characters and events happening the way they should. However it leads to certain characters being off screen for along time and when they reappear you have to pick up a story that was left off maybe 20min ago. This isn't a criticism towards the edit it's just how the story has to play out when viewing it as hole.

Part 2 suffers from a lack of Tony Stark / Iron Man I felt the scene between him and General Ross could have been included along with Marvel One Shot the consultant if anything just to give him a little more screen time but also he is the biggest piece in the Marvel jigsaw puzzle it should have maybe ended with him.

Part 2 also suffers from a lack of editing as it's basically the last 40mins of Thor and The Hulk with a little interweaving at the start. Again not a criticism against the edit it's just how the story pans out but maybe a few bolder editing decisions could have been made to bring the story down to around 3½ hour mark. Steve Rodgers / Captain America introduction is well done making good use of some deleted footage from The Avengers.

Overall the edit doesn't suffer from not knowing certain characters origins or background as I've seen these films so many times now I’m able to fill in the parts that are missing. The main focus of the edit is how the team came together and overall an edit filled with superheroes taking on their foes can only be entertaining
Owner's reply December 02, 2012

Hey Leeroy,
Thanks for the Review and thanks for going into so much detail
I understand the longing for the scene with Tony Stark speaking to Ross from the End of Incredible Hulk and I knew that most people would not be happy with the scene gone, as this scene is pretty much the appetizer for the entire Avengers concept.

But I chose to delete it for story-reasons. As I released the edit after Avengers i had the chance to go through all the cliffhangers again and see if there was an actual payoff in the Avengers movie (also a reason why I cut down Natalie Portman's part at the end of Thor where she is searching for him).

With the Stark scene it was just a scene that was more there for the fans to get our anticipation up instead of driving the story. As established in Avengers SHIELD kept their distance from Hulk and even helped him from time to time to go unnoticed - so why did Stark approach Ross and offered him a deal to work with him?

For that Marvel staged the entire Consultant one-shot clip which I would have had to include for the Stark scene to make sense, but that scene in my opinion was just a long scene of fanboys discussing things in the MCU mixed with as many bad wordplays as they could squeeze in.

So long story short, i deleted the consultant and with it also Stark had to go - long essay I know, but I just wanted to state my reasons - even though of course people are completely right to expect this scene in an edit that is supposed to connect all these movies

Cheers Sun

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