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(Updated: December 17, 2016)
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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is one of those films, I can not believe that with such good material, has made a film like this, the story had nothing magic of the first film and added a stupid subplot to fetch seven swords and green mist, so was not sure whether this arrangement would work because many additions to the movie elements were extremely traced in history?

and is better than the movie ?, Well yes, but could not solve all problems of the original film.

The subplot of swords and the green mist has been removed (whcih), but left several plot holes: on the island of Coriakin, say there is evil in the Dark Island, then go to the Dark Island and appears a sea serpent .... Ok ..... Then for some reason the Sword of Edmund begins to shine .....Ok ......and the Snake Stab killing her so that begins to throw rays. .... Ok ..... and ends the spell, .... wait What ?, Why the spell ended? , The Sea Serpent was the great Evil ?, What happened to the wife of the character at the beginning?, Only they mentioned that his wife disappeared because if?

Leaving the scene in which the father Gael says that kidnapped his wife was a serious mistake, the whole scene is a clear indication something was removed and comes to nothing in the end, without that scene, he could move smoothly as one of the sailors on the Dawn Treader.

Do not blame the Editor, I'm not sure if you can fix the brightness of the sword and I guess if he had removed the scene Coriakin and Lilliandi talking about all that bad, it would have been somewhat abrupt, then I guess it was something very difficult fix this movie.

In the rest I have no complaint. Good Introduction, less obtrusive conflict and more than the typical Narnian adventure, you feel a little closer to the book, but it is difficult to get something like the book of an adaptation like this.

Not even think about touching the version for theaters, This is the version that was forced to leave in theaters.
Recommended despite the problems.
I hope someday you review the first movie, I would like to see.

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