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C.S. Lewis' third published Narnia book, "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader," would have been difficult to adapt anyway, but the filmmakers seemed to take great effort to distance this film as much from the source material as possible, adding in a weird unnecessary subplot about a green mist that never gets resolved anyway, and some strange bit that's not from the book about needing to collect 7 swords, among other missteps.

SoboFilms' edit removes the green mist and other such things that annoy fans. There's even a clever segment where Lucy is reading the magician's book where Sobo inserted a flashback to restructure the scene to work around the mist. It was so neatly done that I didn't even notice the change at first!

There are a couple of minutes where Sobo couldn't remove a part of the movie that didn't work just because there's no logical way to cut around the material without removing something important. And that's completely understandable. What he has here is probably the best version of this movie with the available footage, a nice blend of cutting the bad stuff and adding in a little bit of extra good material. Great job, Sobo!

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