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This one does replace the original for me. I had read the previous reviews before watching this edit and was prepared for feeling like something would be missing from the Rachel and Bruce relationship, but for me, those fears were totally unfounded.
There were exactly 2 things in this edit that felt the tiniest bit off and they were: I was slightly thrown by Bruce being in jail and then suddenly being tossed out of a truck at the bottom of a mountain. (It has been a while since I watched the original, so for all I remember, this is what happened in the original as well). And the other, was Rachel apologizes for saying some "terrible things" to Bruce at the very end, but I don't recall her doing that. But in this watching experience it is easy to assume whatever it was was off screen and in their past.
Other than that, this is a pretty damned flawless edit and was a much more fun movie to watch than it was originally. An easy recommendation from me!

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Owner's reply August 19, 2014

Thanks for the review anarchemist, great to hear such positive feedback. You're right about the transition from the prison to the road, that is unedited from the original, and I agree it is a little sudden. As for Rachel's, "I said terrible things", she is referring to their conversation in the car after Joe Chill is murdered. She tells him that his father would be ashamed of him, and that he should look beyond his own pain. This is why she acknowledges at the end of the film that she was wrong, and that Bruce's father would indeed be very proud of him. Cheers for watching and reviewing!

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