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(Updated: August 20, 2014)
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I sure miss superheroes and superhero movies that are fun. I guess Iron Man is still fun. But the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, for me, are downright depressing. I suppose that is a terrible way to begin this review of another absolutely excellent--perfect, as far I can tell--edit by njvc. But dammit, I miss Tim Burton and few songs by Prince or Siouxsie and the Banshees. (Dwight Fry's edit Batman: Descent into Mystery remains a big favorite of mine.)
This edit is just so perfect, the only things I can find to talk about are the movie itself--which is a matter of taste. To me, this movie is exhausting and too long, even this tighter edit feels like it goes on forever. This is not an issue with this edit--I cannot see any further cuts that would help, so I cannot even offer suggestions. I remember leaving the movie theater in 2008 just thinking "wow...I used to love Batman; like James Bond I used to think he was such a cool, awesome character to watch. But in 2 movies, his girlfriend is blown up, Wayne manor has been burned to the ground, the Bat-signal is destroyed, The Batmobile is destroyed, Harvey Dent is disfigured and killed and the whole city hates and blames Batman. Woo-hoo, fun." I realize the Batman of the 60's TV Show and the 2 Tim Burton movies is not the Dark Knight of the graphic novels, but jeez, I don't even really like this guy. And I guess that is why I only watched the Nolan movies one time in the theater and never again, until now.
I would say this is my go-to version of Nolan's second Batman movie, except I don't ever plan to "go-to" it again. But with a gun to my head, this is the easier choice. This cut is better than the original. I wonder if someday in the unforeseeable future there could be a Joss Whedon Batman? A light touch sure would be welcome. I am looking forward to the third and final one, as I recall liking it much more than this 2nd one--which might have to do with Anne Hathaway in tight-fitting leather.
I recommend this to fans of the Dark Knight. And I hope this negative-sounding review doesn't put people off from this edit, because all the negativity stems from the original script and plot--which is streamlined as much as possible here, I believe. It is an outstanding edit, a "tour de force" as dangermouse said.

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Owner's reply August 20, 2014

Thanks for the review anarchemist, sorry to hear it was a bit of a downer for you though! The darkness/weightiness in TDK trilogy is one of the things I like most about it, as it set itself apart from the lighter and sillier Marvel films, but I take your point. This is a pretty damaged hero, who really does go through many trials and tribulations throughout the trilogy without much relief. But still, thank you for the compliments about the editing and I'm pleased you felt it was an improvement over the original.

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