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I'm a huge fan of the BBC Sherlock series so I was interested in watching this edit. I didn't read any of the editor's intentions or cutlist before watching. But I had an idea of where it was going considering the title.

Overall this edit worked pretty well. I know the episodes almost by heart so there were some things I missed that I had enjoyed. But obviously things needed to be cut like Irene Adler, and the reporter and the fact that Jim Moriarty is an actor. And I did miss that the Nina Simone "Sinner Man" sequence was cut short, although it was definitely not critical that we see a female guard take a stick of gum out of Moriarty's pocket!

While this edit was enjoyable I do prefer just watching the episodes. But ranger managed to present a nice condensed story, cutting out necessary elements (that, had they been kept in, would have led to plot inconsistencies). For the most part the editing was invisible, like I said, knowing these episodes inside and out made it hard not to notice when things were cut (but this was not due to bad editing, just to my good memory!).

Nice work.

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