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FanMix August 06, 2015 2968
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A/V Quality - 10. Looks and sounds excellent. No tech issues at all.

Visual Editing - 9. Solid work cutting the film down to a tight 70 minutes. There were a couple crossfades I wasn't a big fan of, but nothing too major. Minus one point for use of Comic Sans .

Audio Editing - 9. No bad audio editing, new music is inserted deftly. The only issues I had was sometimes going from Carpenter music to Disasterpeace music didn't harmonize too well. For example, when the girls are walking down the street at the beginning, the use of "Halloween" music is excellent, but then it goes to the music from the movie and it felt odd.

Narrative - 8. My only real issue is just that it felt too short. There were a few scenes you cut that I felt messed up the flow a little bit. Specifically scenes with Hugh in the beginning and the middle.

Enjoyment - 9. I love the original and this is a great way to rewatch it. This also makes for a really nice fanedit-double-feature with cuddlyninja's "The Man With Fire On His Face".

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