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I've fallen way behind on reviewing edits that I have watched, and I have watched this one twice. I will keep this short. It is perfect. I had never watched any of the Lord of the Rings movies, nor the first Hobbit movie---neither had I read the books. But reading some of the summaries and reviews here for the different edits, I decided to try, since my main reason for keeping away had been the length. I am currently reading The Hobbit and loving it. So for me, this edit is the sequel to Kerr's Hobbit, the Arkenstone Edition, since that is the only version of the 1st movie I had seen. And it works perfectly. There is no hint that anything at all has been cut, re-ordered or fan-edited in any way. It simply plays like an excellent movie. I have every intention of watching this a third time, along with a 3rd re-watch of Kerr's Arkenstone cut of the 1st Hobbit, before I may actually venture to the theater in December to see the unedited 3rd and final movie. I am really a big fan of this edit, and reading the book concurrently with it, it makes it even more impressive to me. If there were going to be big flaws, I would definitely notice them since Tolkien's words are so fresh to me now (I have only just read beyond the point where this edit ends). I suppose I owe it to myself to see the original Jackson version now, but I know there is no way it could be better than what you have presented here. I give out a lot of pretty positive reviews around here, but this is one I wish I could give an "11" instead of just a 10. Just excellent and highly recommended to everyone! It also got my vote for edit of the month.

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