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Overall, I liked this fanedit but I really feel I could have cut more, the unexpected get-together is much shorter (8 minutes shorter than the original) but there is still left over scenes that felt like:

- Thorin and Balin discussing how Balin did not think would come to the mountain, but I guess you had to be to not feel abrupt, when Bilbo decided not to be the burglar of the company. In addition to one than another time during the first 32 minutes

- The scene in which Gandalf mentions Radagast left over because the public no doubt that there are more wizards.

- The stupid moment tear off the spider legs (for me the stupidest moment)

- The Dwarfs throw away the key, it seems more like the end of the movie that a scene before the climax.

- The subplot of Kili with arrow, ultimately not get anywhere simply arrive this wounded orcs, Legolas says will come more and End. Go see The Hobbit Part 2

But with that said when the adventure starts, flowing pretty good and better than the Jackson trilogy. The Transition between movies was a very clever idea, when I realized we were already in the part of '' The Desolation of Smaug ''. Rarely I realized that something was missing with 3 exceptions and not because this evil edited if not because they were somewhat notorious moments of the original movies.

Although Tauriel and the scene of the barrels left over, as the editor itself says this is a loyal to Jackson's vision of Middle-earth version, so I'm not complaining.


I have just seen the new version of this edition, in general this is pretty good, there are many scenes with a faster pace, many abrupt trancisions of the first set have been fixed, there are new scenes of the extended version and the version for theaters I suppose To give him greater emotional value and also new transitions that have not finished one scene and we are in another, most worked well, but there are two of these transitions that did not finish convincing me: 1) Gandalf talking to Elrond about the map and Of nothing is with Galadriel (Insert teletrack sound here) 2) The dwarves talking to Bard about guns and then a scene with Tauriel and Legolas, showing us nothing related to guns.

I still believe that the spider scene is ridiculous and the Radagast scene is inescapable, but it is your personal vision, so who am I to complain?

Again, I think this edition is made more for fans of LOtR than for fans of '' The Hobbit '', so I do not complain about all the subplots of the movies that were left. Maybe the end, is an anticlimatic something, but we came from a saga, where we had to wait 20 minutes after the climax to go home. Another thing is that I think it should have eliminated Beorn, since it does not contribute much to the film and lasts another 20 minutes.

I still like this edition a lot, and this new version brings a lot to it.


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