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It may seem that there are not many changes between the original version and the fanedit, but through multiple subtle cuts, Samspider3 has managed to finish the saga of Middle-earth in a great way.

Some elements that have been added, such as Thrain along with the elimination of the love triangle and Jar Jar Alfrid, have helped the rhythm of the movie in a great way, I like to see everything related to Smaug at the same time , I like that we do not have a final as abrupt as the original, I like that we start where we were the last time, I like to see more of the dwarves in the battle, I like that we do not see the eagles until part 2.

Any Problems? : I think it is too long and I know that it is a Middle-earth movie and it will always last for at least 3 hours, but the problem here is that in general the movie is pure battle, except for the time between the death of Smaug and the arrival of the Orcs. It was not a problem for me since it was a great movie, but when we got to the final battle between Thorin and Azog, I was already exhausted.

In general it is a good edition, if you like The Battle of the Five Armies, but wish there were not as many annoying elements as the love triangle and Alfrid, then this is the edition for you.


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