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The franchise was Always a little love/hate with me. I watched the first film after reading the books and didn't like some of the changes, but I understood why they happened as they did for pacing. When the second film came out I'm not sure if my memory was less hazy because I thought it was a much better adaptation but I decided not to bother with the announced films....until one day you find yourself on an 8 hour flight and what are you gonna do but resort to watching in flight entertainment. That time was Early March of last year.. I watched Mockingjay part 1 and really liked it quite a fair bit... but when part 2 came out it was like seeing THG for the first time all over again. The Hunger games ended and it was with a whimper.

Thankfully Jerick saw what I could not concieve, how to take the weakest entries and strengthen them into one better narrative. It's not perfect you might noticed one or two cuts even if you aren't looking but it's a lot better than what is officially out there.
Admittedly I did watch a downgraded version of the vimeo file since I need to fit on a memory stick (I don't like using my external drives on the WDHD player) but I thought it looked fine on my 40" I probably lost something in the sound but I don't have the best audio set up anyway.

If you were dissatisfied with Mockingjay as I was then I'd like to think The Hanging Tree will be the resolution you were hoping for.

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