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I'm sincere, I do not think the Hobbit movies are bad movies, they are quite repetitive and they have very mediocre scenes, but in general they are decent movies (although they are not at the LOTR level).

What I call the attention of this edition was its duration: 3 movies in 170 minutes ?, Surprisingly I think not much has been lost, many transitions are quite intelligent, the movie has a constant rhythm and at the same time the scenes take their time . Not only that but he has removed almost all of the subplot of Laketown, Tauriel, Alfrid, Radagast, most of the Orcs and even the Bard Daughters. Being honest he feels quite close to what could have been The Hobbit adapted to film (being a faithful adaptation) . Most of the movie is only the best scenes of the movies, so you do not have to wait until the boring policy of Laketown ends or a long battle with the goblins. I think that the rhythm of the movie is exactly the one that should have been given to The Hobbit Movie (as a single movie, of course)

I also love being cut off almost all of Laketown stuff, one of my biggest problems with Smaug's desolation is that we spend too much time in Laketown and Laketown is fucking boring, I'm not interested in anything that happens there, even in scenes where At last we see Smaug, they continue to emphasize Laketown, that I love this edition does not even feel that something is missing, I do not think Laketown takes more than 5 minutes, I'm surprised that even if it parallels the book, it really tries to be a Adaptation and not a purist version.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect, personally I think that although most of the transactions worked, there were some that did not work for me.

-We had two dwarves at first to have the house full of dwarves and Gandalf in the house and Bilbo not say nothing, I think we should keep the discussion between Gandalf and Bilbo that his house is full of dwarfs.

-I did not like the removal of the prologue, it gives a clearer context about the trip, but it is my opinion.

-Kili goes to look for Bilbo and out of nowhere they caught everyone

-The dwarves fall covered with cobwebs and out of nowhere are they standing and clean

-Something strange felt the way I started the part of the Battle of the five armies (the movie), I think I should start directly with the dwarves looking for gold and then Thorin complaining that he does not appear.

- When the statue falls, Bilbo says they are crazy and should avoid war, when there has been no mention of it, if you are going to cut the scene where Bard and Thorin speak, you should eliminate all references.

-This is not a mistake, but I think we should not eliminate Bilbo by revealing to Thorin that he gave the Arkestone, so the final scene when they speak has more emotional, but it's a personal idea, nothing more.

-I'm also no fan of the way you edit the battle of the Five Army, I think it would have been better if the battle started when Thorin leaves the Mountain and then used the scene of the battle chariot and then Thorin confronts Azog, I would only have liked to see more of the dwarves in the battle, since we had little of them and more of characters that ara unknown for the audience, also the sandworms felt left over, but again it's just as I would have done.It's your edition, you're free to do it however you like

But apart from that, it's a good edition, it lasts what should last, and is the closest edition to what would happen if it were made a movie of the solitary Hobbit. Although I personally like the original films , this is a good alternative way to see it,


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