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Special Projects September 07, 2021 1341
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I really enjoy taking a peek behind the curtain and when editors go that extra mile like adding a commentary track or, here, adding a whole 3 part feature of behind the scenes goodies, it is very much appreciated. There were a few typos on the on-screen text that should have been corrected before release, but otherwise, this is amazing and should be required viewing for any aspiring faneditors.
Owner's reply July 13, 2022

Thanks for the review once more...always appreciated.

I did have this proof viewed numerous time since I am dyslexic, so im not the best proof reader and woth130 mins of text you can imagine the challenge...I say this not as an excuse but as a reason but nevertheless I will go back and make further revisions to get this perfect since I'm also OCD...and I like everyting to be its a bit of being pulled in two directoins...

I am delighted you enjoyed it and it you message me with any of the typos...I will dive in...

Thanks again...

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