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TV-to-Movie March 20, 2016 9648
(Updated: January 31, 2019)
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Simply put, this edit was brilliant! I couldn't believe how strong the narrative was with how much time had to be cut. From start to finish there really isn't a dull moment but it never felt jumbled. I loved the way the editor chose to start this film and it easily kept my attention from then on. I watched it with another HUGE AHS fan and she was equally pleased with it.

A/V quality was solid throughout. There may have been one or two fades throughout that seemed a little out of place but it was so minor and not worth dinging this edit in visual editing. Other than that very minor issue, the audio/visual editing was completely seamless. Any music replacements fit the scenes and were welcome additions.

Because of all these strengths, this edit was easily a 10/10 for me. Any fan of AHS should watch this. Hell, any fan of horror should watch this as seeing the first season of AHS is not necessary to enjoy this edit! Very well done!
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