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Rob Zombies Halloween films remain the better of the recent spate of horror remakes, probably because he tried to do something different with the character as opposed to the more familiar route. This combined edit gives a very different Halloween film with only small elements that we associate with the series. It would be interesting to have seen peoples reactions if this was the version they released in the cinema.


at 1 hour and 52mins I felt it was a little long for a slasher horror film with many scenes serving no real purpose to the film. For instance the killing of the three people that worked at the strip bar were his mum worked. They wasn't any pay-off to these deaths as they never appeared earlier in the film nor did we see his mum being miss treated by the boss. At this point his dead mum is controlling him but there deaths were meaningless and only served only to add a violent scene into the edit.

the inclusion of this scene also had me confused as to what Michael has been doing for 2 years. After breaking out of the mental intuition Michael returns home picks up his mask we then cut to 2 years later and a now bearded Michael has been walking his home town for 2 years, we know it's his home town because of the death at the strip club. So it begs the question why has he waited 2 years to kill his sister?

Overall the edit is so solid in it's cuts and without any previous knowledge of the two films you'd be surprised to discover this is just a fanedit. This is a great fanedit that will be highly regarded for years to come

My Halloween scores parts 1 & 2 6/5
my fanedit Halloween score 7/10
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