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The best version of the 2005 musical that I have seen so far (out of an admittedly limited selection), while I don’t enjoy the film in its theatrical state I have listened to the soundtrack album many times, so it was nice to have a few numbers added back to Wraith’s shorter Conformed Edit.

This longer version also benefits from there being no interruption to the meeting at DeBris’ house, and I think it’s no bad thing for the pace to be a little bit less breakneck. The same issues of variable source quality persist but again this is not too distracting, I would not want to miss the reunion in a bar of Timon, Pumbaa and Simba! I don’t mind the excision of “Till Him” as BionicBob did since I never watched this far in the past, but agree about the cutting down of the Leo/Ulla story making their interactions feel quite rushed (mentioned this regarding the Conformed Edit).

Still, this will be the version I turn to if I wish to watch the musical from now on, unless of course the stage show is revived and I get the chance to see it someday: the 25th anniversary is only a couple of years in future after all, maybe I’ll be lucky!

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