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I am rather fond of Mel Brooks’ original version of the Producers, tried once to watch the 2005 musical film but found it just too stagey in its direction and gave up before finishing it. Was therefore very intrigued to see what Wraith had instore when I was given the chance to preview this edit.

I found it far more enjoyable, there are fewer awkward moments, the direction is less of a drag and it is nice to hear more of John Morris’ original music. The plot on the whole is unaffected despite losing over half the runtime (shows how much of the musical was songs) though there are occasional moments I miss (e.g. “The Hitler with a song in his heart.”) that couldn’t be viably kept and times when the removal of songs has a visible impact (the cut to Franz during the meeting with DeBris, Ulla and Leo now suddenly become an item), but nothing too serious.

Quality is generally excellent (though the occasional deleted scenes used are noticeably from an inferior source), with the edits done very well too. Still prefer the older version though, I wonder what a musical version with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder would have been like!

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