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So I sat and watched this at the weekend, I'd previously seen Sam's 'Organic eggs' edit of the first film and I rather enjoyed that. I'm not a huge fan of Amazing Spider-man 2 so it's minimalist approach in this edit seemed like exactly what i was looking for.

On a technical level this is better than the Organic eggs, the deleted scenes stick out far less, I think he learned how to better incorporate them, and one which I believe was incomplete previously was used here, but with a flashback montage to hide the use of the unfinished effects... brilliance!

Narrative was a bit here and there, I thought the Harry scenes were well done, even though Peter's Short back & Sides made it slightly jarring, i was along for the ride, I have to agree with the other review about Norman's voice being out of place, it doesn't seem like he's really talking to the guy because the guy doesn't really respond, I can see what sam was going for but it would have been hard for anyone to pull off.

I loved that he included Norman in the hologram at oscorp. That was great. I'd have probably liked to have seen Gwen's death & showdown with Peter pan...goblin. Gwen's death was the only part of ASM2 I kinda liked (apart from the spidey banter, he hit his sarcasm stride much better in 2.)

It's a solid effort and well worth a look if you want something a little different from the theatricals.

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Owner's reply May 06, 2015

Well, I never had troubles with Norman's voice because in my mind, Dr. Ratha does not need to reply Norman. He just needs to follow instructions. Ratha would be like his puppet. But hey, thanks for your time watching it :D . I was beginning to have my doubts now, because when I finished the project i really liked the final result. And sorry about the hair thing. Just use a little bit of your imagination, you know this is a Fan Edit xD.

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