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TV-to-Movie September 02, 2014 4765
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I'm in the throws of a terrible sinus infection, so I will keep this review short--which is pretty easy since there is simply nothing wrong anywhere in the whole edit.
Firefly always seemed too good for TV, too cinematic, and this 2nd edit in MusicEd's trilogy confirms this. This type of edit can easily feel strung together from separate episodes, but this holds together very very well, with a through-line focused on River as well as a good clear idea of the state of the 'verse and how difficult it is to get medicine out to everyone who needs it on the outer planets. I liked that the cargo in both capers featured was medicine, as if it has become the most valuable thing in this universe.
It is also worth noting how perfectly balanced this whole thing is and how no character is short-changed. It would have been easy to cut scenes of Inara or Book and keep this still flowing seamlessly, but keeping them in stays truer to Firefly. I am looking forward to the 3rd one very much, as well as rewatching this one when I am not dying of this sinus/ear infection :-)
Highly recommended! Pretty much perfection!

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