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Extended Edition October 01, 2014 9309
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It is so tough to review something that has no real flaws! Yes, there is a drop in video quality where deleted scenes are reinserted, but other than that, it is a great edit of a great movie, capping off a great trilogy of Firefly/Serenity fanedits. My biggest complaint is the same complaint I had about the series: I want there to be more of it! But this is as much more as there is ever going to be (unless Joss Whedon gets the gang back together, which is doubtful).
Of the three edits, I suppose the 2nd one has the most consistent picture and audio quality since there were no deleted scenes inserted, but all three are excellent. I hate to leave a short review when I know the editor worked for a long time to create this, but there just isn't much to say when there isn't anything to complain about. It was a great ending to a great tv series and series of fanedits. These will definitely be saved and never deleted from my hard drive. A very easy recommendation to any and everyone. Anyone who has never seen the original series, these 3 movies are a great introduction--and if you are like me and want more (because these are so goram good), you can always go back and watch the full series. While parts 1 and 2 do not replace the full run of the show, part 3 probably does replace the movie Serenity because this is more complete. Fantastic work!

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