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Superman Returns is a gift that keeps on giving. Some of the most refined fanedits in the community have come from attempting to make something more out of Bryan Synger's divisive love letter and quasi-retro/modern take on the Christopher Reeve-led Superman universe, which was inherited by Brandon Rough. Over the years I've often found myself fluxuating between enjoying and merly tolerating the movie due to an endless amount of creative and narrative problems. Now, with "The Superman Returns", I may have found a truly happy medium.

Avid 4d completes his Superman trilogy in not just style, but substance, with crisp colour correction making the visuals easy on the eye and as bright and as impactful as any bit of splash art on a comics page. The substance is where things really shine, from Clark's journey to Krypton setting things up for a full circle climax, to some very firm and interesting trims to make Lex seem more normal yet still supremely sinister. Lois seems less of a bitch in this, simply playing the role of the girl left behind and having to readjust to Superman back in her life. The omission of the kid could not have been an easy couple of days for this editor, but here he pulls it off with no bad audio jumps and smooth transistion cues to keep the kid firmly out of the picture, and keep the focus on Lois and her fiance, and both help play their part in the movie just as well and all the right story beats are hit, you wonder why the kid was remotely neccersary

The editing is for the most part seemless, there are plenty of surprises in this one, helped greatly by the loose nature of the EMP blackout plotline, enabling the rescue of Lois on board the plane to come much later in the story. It also helps launch the film into it's third act with spectacular action, nothing drags out, SOMETHING IS ALWAYS HAPPENING!

The final touches near the end are also very inspired and well realized, it is'nt a perfect execution but it's still very believable and more in-line with what you would expect out of Superman plummeting to his near doom if you were a comics buff. The film wraps up in much the same way Returns does...though without all the preachy stalker and preachy "father becomes the son" fluff.

Avid has succeeded in making Returns a straight forward story of the main man coming home and doing what he does best. A riveting effort.

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Owner's reply June 07, 2014

Thanks heaps Zarius... I know you're a big Supe fan so I'm glad you enjoyed my edit. And yes, editing out the kid was certainly a challenge! Thanks for your feedback :)

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