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I hate to say this about such a labor of love, but it's hard to recommend this to anyone other than ardent fans. If you know what you're in for and you really just want the maximum amount of anything ever available relating to The Thief and The Cobbler: well, this is that. A+ marks for assembling everything possible, and putting it all together as well as possible. That said, putting it together well just isn't very possible.

My thoughts on the film as a whole are here: In short, I'll say that just having MORE doesn't make this a good film. The quality of animation cut in varies wildly in this, from almost stick figure sketches to still frames to widescreen restorations. It's impossible to ever sink into this as a film because you're constantly aware of the visuals changing up. Some of the transitions between footage are very fast and are accomplished well, but there are some rough ones, too. Overall, given what there is to work with, this is about as good as you could technically expect, but that doesn't make it anything that is very much fun to watch.

For some people who have bought into the internet hype of this version of the film as some kind of Orson Welles lost masterpiece that would've shaken the foundations of the world, this edit is going to be a godsend. They can watch and let their imaginations of what the film COULD be run wild. But for anyone just watching what the film IS: this edit doesn't save it. What was released was an Aladdin wannabe that had some moments of inspired animation. This takes that, cuts out the songs, and adds in a bunch of unfinished animation gags, but nothing which really improves the story or adds any depth or's just MORE.

Recommended as a Preservation for die-hard fans. As a film: pass.

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