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FanFix August 15, 2012 4332
(Updated: September 05, 2012)
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April 3, 2012 @ 4:11 pm

Plot: 8
I felt the new intro brought a great classic feel to the film and started the edit off very well. However I felt there were many places that had alot of dead weight/un needed humor that could have been taken out or shortened up for pacing. But all and all I found the addition of the deleted scenes to be near flawless. Very good job on this aspect.

Image Quality: 7
There is a issue with any dark colors, black of course being the worst. It gets blocky and slightly distorted, normally this isnt an issue. But this movie is very dark so it can be very distracting at times.

audio quality: 10
No issues here, sound was very clean and crisp even during deleted scenes.

difference to the original
As an extended edit I would say this is a great add on to the movie. But as a true fan edit I find it lacking. As good as the edit is, I find not much has changed. Yes you added around 7 extra scenes and trimmed like 4 min off the start of the movie. Now that the negative is out of the way. I have to say I enjoyed the pacing and theme change that the edit had by the rescore you did. It felt more like the old movies. So all and all i do find this to be a true fan edit

overall presentation

entertainment: 8
The edit did a good job of enhancing a failed reboot. However you did make the movie more enjoyable overall. So good work to you sir.

Final Score: 8
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