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I watched "War of the stars 2" just recently, so I was somewhat prepared for this.

The intention was to downgrade the videoquality, ie. to grindhouse it, so that the deleted scenes could be integrated without sticking out. That goal was achieved perfectly! It looks really awful through and through and everything looked natural in its awfulness!

But I can't say I'm a fan of grindhousing, the videoquality is already flat due to being SD-sourced, and the grindhousing further knocked the quality down obviously.

"War of the stars 2" did without the grindhousing-effect and in retrospect I'm thankful for that:).

That said, the grindhousing helped in a moment where TMBTM made a jump in the narrative, which I thought to be a great idea, by making it look like the film was burned out. Loved that.

Like in the second part I love the new special effects, like the blood and Vader's red eyes, or the new shooting of the sandpeople's wagon.

I also love the new music introduced, especially in the new Mos-eisley-bar-scene.

Narratively I like that it was made like it were a single movie, it all ends with the death star being blown up and Vader killed by Han. It made perfect sense as the emperor was not mentioned, so it could stand alone.

Of course it poses the question, why "War of the stars 2" exists? But I'm glad it exists, cause I think it's superior in most ways.

But back to this edit: I loved two subtitle-lines by R2D2: "Oh, God is he old", when Obi Wan said he wouldn't remember a droid, lol! And "Maybe they need gold" when C3PO asked what the jabbas wanted with them.


Great edit, achieved what it wanted and tells the story of Star Wars in a single movie and is therefore highly recommended!
Still, I very much prefer "War of the stars 2", that gets along, without the grindhousing and offers many more awesome creative special-effect-use and offers more creative narration-choices.

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