theomega Wins February 2023 FEOTM


The winner of February 2023 FEOTM is theomega with their edit The Postman – Spark of Hope!


“I’d like to thank everyone for voting, it’s a real honor getting the FEOTM award.
I’d like to thank BionicBob, without his Postman edit, Spark of Hope wouldn’t have existed.
Also ArtisDead for his great guidance and getting me to think out of the box, which made the edit much better.
I’d also like to thank Wraith, INIGHTMARES, Futon88 and Lantern51 for their support and ideas.
And I love being part of this great community, it’s given me a fun new hobby.”


Congratulations, theomega!


The Postman on IMDB

The Postman – Spark of Hope on IFDB


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