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(Updated: August 06, 2022)
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Where to even begin?

This edit feels almost grindhouse. This is a post-grindhouse horror comedy.

The edit is well worth your while. I love The Thing. It is one of my favourite films of all time. If you love The Thing, this edit doesn't ruin it. If you think the The Thing is too goofy, this edit plays all that up. So it works for everyone I think. The edit embraces the fact that it's an edit, using that to it's advantage in so many hilarious ways. Even reused footage is used in an almost 4th-wall-breaking way. The edit knows it is reusing footage and makes it funny.

The editor was able to blend in shots from other films like the Preditor, some Alien Xenos and Facehuggers. Even some Requiem for a Dream! The Jaws theme plays for first person shots. ET is running around in the snow too. Absolutely hysterical.

You pretty much always know who The Thing is and you laugh rather than cringe in horror. The editor clearly knows how to make a joke and does so continually throughout the edit in many elaborate and eloquent ways. I was laughing so much during this.

This fanedit flips all the mystery and turns The Thing into an intentionally goofy, Saturday afternoon schlockfest, in all the best ways.

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