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Based on the trailer, i wasn't sure quite what to expect, so let me make it more clear to those who are curious (without spoiling anything). While there are elements & clips & audio from many other sources, they are primarily just small bits added to the main story which is the original The Thing. Also, while the main progression & core story stays true, it adds SO many comic elements as to definitely recategorize this film as a "comedy horror". And my god, the humor got me so good. As a huge fan of the original movie, the humor never belittles that creator's work, but simply adds farce & inside jokes & unexpected quirks all throughout. This movie was the most fun I've had in a while. It was so fun, that the whole time I was getting ready for work the next morning, i frequently chuckled & laughed out loud as random crazy parts kept running through my head. That rarely happens for me.
As far as audio & video quality, I watched on my desktop computer in 1080p, but i didn't notice any problems in that limited context. Editing quality was top notch, breaking up the monotony with more flavor & flare in it's different styles of tangents.
I'm so happy I gave this one a chance. Btw, there are 2 feature variations. I watched & prefer "the Tranzor Variation". *IMPORTANT NOTE: don't pass up on the separate mp4 file of "deleted scenes & alternate takes." there is a ton of great stuff in there, including at least 2 sequences I wholeheartedly wish were left in the main movie. so good.

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