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As other's have said, the original movie was such a let down, in some ways it seems post endgame the bigwigs at marvel haven't known what director to take the franchise in (that said I've enjoyed the tv shows.) After the success of Ragnarok, I think everyone expected Taika to capture lightning in a bottle a second time Sadly the jokes in that film that didn't work for me, were quadrupled for this film's theatrical release and thus I personally deem it the worst of the MCU entries.

Tremault has taken the arduous task of going through the film and trimming the fat, or more aptly excising the cancer. Don't get me wrong there is still humour and perhaps ever so slightly more than I thought there would be, but the very obnoxious and juvenile stuff is no longer present so the characters can at least breathe. What is left is the story that focuses on Gorr's meance, Jane's dilemma/choice and maybe even restores a little maturity to Thor, the only downside is that when you trim all the excess crap that padded out the runtime, the credits roll around the 1:18 mark, but that's the sacrifice one has to make if you want to enjoy the film.
I felt so excited hearing that Jaime Alexander was back after being absent from the last few Thor centric films, but then to see her original cameo being reduced to what it was, she suffered a worse fate than the warriors three. With reduced screentime her fate feels more ambiguous but she at least got to drop her relevant piece of exposition and keep her dignity intact.

In spite of it's flaw (the short runtime) this is the go-to version for now, unless on the off chance, Disney release some decent deleted scenes somwhere down the line.

Thank you for taking the time to salvage what you could from this film even if it leaves the final product a little underwhelming, I'll take underwhelming as a vast improvement over festering overlong unfunny turd pile

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