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I was an early previewer for the mortal-sized edition of this, and my review for it is here: One of my main issues was in wanting several of these deleted scenes back in, so it was a joy to have that here. My thoughts on how the film feels generally are here:

As far as the specific editing as a fanedit, I have to say that this starts off great, with a cool new "Malthus Fanedits" intro. Early on, we're then given a deleted scene where they check Thor into the hospital, honestly goes on too long. It's not very funny, so I'd trim that. Later, Thor and Selvig's deleted scene when they get drunk is reinstated, but their actual drinking is trimmed. I loved the bit where they start drinking and then get into a bit of an accidental pissing contest, so I would've kept that rather than them suddenly knowing some coordinated dance.

When the film eventually shifts to Asgard (and where else are you going to put that prologue backstory, haters? Deal with it) we get several partially reinstated pre-coronation scenes, which are all great! They're trimmed well to ensure the pacing isn't bogged down, and the completed visual effects for the scenes look flawless. As far as that prologue that some people mention confused them at first, perhaps just adding some text on screen like "Odin, Father of Thor and King of the Realm" would sort that out for them? Regardless, whatever quibbles someone might have should be well made up for by the reinstated Loki "coronation" scene, my biggest issue with the previous version of this. It is an absolutely VITAL scene for understanding Loki, and it makes this film even better.

IF I were to quibble with this... I would say that some of the scenes on Asgard or Jotunheim in particular might be a bit dark. Were the levels adjusted? The music can also sometimes feel too loud, making some dialogue (especially in Asgard) hard to hear. And the final act on Earth doesn't quite flow as smoothly as the rest. I think the edit in the previous version of how the Warriors 3 rejoined Thor worked better. The reinstated Warriors 3 on Earth scenes are good, but I miss their arrival scene where Sif really shines. I would have given up the saving Selvig scene (which was...fine) to get that back in.

All in all, this is a replacer for all versions of Thor that previously existed. While I might personally alter a couple things, it's undoubtedly a fantastic achievement in fan-editing.

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