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I really loved the new narrative - the flip really suits the film and makes a lot of sense. I don't think anyone will actually doubt that Thor is who he says he is, especially since we see his image in the vortex and because, well, at this point we are familiar with the MCU.
Speaking of narrative, I deducted a point because I think the flashback is misplaced and that its current position hurts the narrative (and the enjoyment from the edit). I discussed my issues with Malthus (check the Forum Discussion for further details).
As I wrote elsewhere, there is a weird editing glitch at the 42:51 mark - both audio and video. I decided not to lower the rating because a full point seemed like too much, because the editing is really good otherwise, and because Malthus said that it'll be fixed.

All in all, a very interesting take on one of the weakest films of the MCU (imho), which definitely upgrades it - but still needs a tiny bit of fine-tuning to become my definitive go-to version.

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