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(Updated: December 02, 2020)
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This movie is worse than I expected. I had avoided it since it came out because it looked offensively, ridiculously, horribly bad. I'm glad I got my blu-ray secondhand, because I hate it. It is essentially 2 hours of character assassination. Its still nothing like the comics characters and tarnished every character in it. Well, except Heimdall. But Idris Elba is amazing and at least HIS role was allowed to actually have the gravitas the plot needed. If someone made a version in which only Heimdall's scenes were in, that might actually be ok. Whatever.

This edit is extremely well done however. I didn't count off in any category that the fan editor had control over, because the fan-editor did nothing wrong. His work was as impeccable as always. I know that I am not in the majority opinion on this film, so if you like the original, this edit is extremely well done and it seamlessly adds more to the film. There was not a visual or sound issue that I could see and everything went together as if it was always there. I didn't expect that more of this film would make me like it more, but I wanted to try the film at maximum.

EDIT: Oh! I totally forgot, I did really enjoy the inclusion of the New York Odin scene. That was actually better in this version. The other version wasn't necessarily bad (that scene) but the Dr Strange cameo and all that felt kind of forced. This did at least help with that issue. Also, I edited my enjoyment to a 6, it had been a 2... I felt like I was punishing Bobson for this movie being terrible, and again, that is not his fault.

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