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Alright, first off, HOW did they not go with that alternate ending?! I know, Marvel movie, crowd pleaser, but this is just such a revelation for movies like this that it more than makes up for the films other shortcomings! And it actually makes prior scenes make more sense (Thor explaining why he was off Earth, Thor explaining Convergence by showing their hands drifting and entering different paths, the constant talk about how Asgardians will outlive humans by millennia)! If this were the ending we got, people would speak more highly of Thor 2, and not feel obligated to watch it due to Endgame.

The second MVP of the deleted scenes is the alternate Frigga's Death Scene. Not only does it give Frigga, Odin, and ESPECIALLY Malekith more personality, but it serendipitously plays into Thor Ragnarok later on. We know that Odin whitewashed Asgard's legacy, so having Malekith imply that Bor did the same to Odin is a really good touch, makes Odin feel more human & flawed.

Anyway, explaining my rankings. Video is at 9 because there's not enough breathing room between Loki's fantasy as king of Asgard & him snapping back to reality. Also, during Loki's "death," there was a weird white glow as Loki's body "returned to its Jotun state? I don't remember that being their in TM2YC's Hard Forged edition, but it's been awhile since I saw that edit.

Narrative & Enjoyment are at 8 because it was just too slow in reintroducing Thor in the movie. I understand not wanting to break continuity with the Warriors Three & Lady Sif returning to Asgard while also having captured Kursed/Algrim, but I think there's a way around that:

- Start movie off with a pre-credit scene, an abbreviated version of Jane's date (probably just the sea bass part), Jane arriving with Darcy & Ian on the scene, messing around with the weird gravity (imply they already know the kids there), Jane wonders off and finds the Aether.

- Once the Aether is found, Malekith wakes up, sensing its call.

- Now we get the Marvel Logos

- Loki meets with Odin, Thor fights all over, bring home prisoners, Thor meets with Frigga & Odin, etc.

- Once we cut to Kursed in prison, we *flashback* to Malekith and Algrim seeing the wasteland that is theirrealm, as well as Algrim becoming one of the Kursed, and Kursed breaking out of prison.

You get the same information without sacrificing pacing, I imagine.

But still, this edit gets my recommendation from those two scenes I mentioned at the top alone!

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