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Life is a box of grenades....

This fan edit is very difficult for me to review. Trying to turn any modern movie, but particularly one as iconic as First Blood, into a Grindhouse experience is fraught with difficult challenges. It goes beyond just altering the look or sound, it is about capturing the right tone. And while this constantly swings for the fences, it does not always hit a home run for me.

Visually, I thought the new colour grading and damaged film fx evoked the proper Grindhouse look.

I enjoyed all the new music additions; the A-Team theme in particular made me chuckle. If anything, the new fun throw back music selections made Goldsmith's original score stand out in a negative a way for me. The original score segments sound too good, too professional, too polished for a Grindhouse experience.

The Stallone A.I. voice over -- a brilliant idea. And for the most part it works very well and made me laugh many times. However, there were also many times due to the Stallone impersonation and the mispronunciation of words, I had difficulty understanding what was being said.

And then there was the narrative tone. I found it wildly uneven. The movie swings widely from absurdist parody to dark dramatic action, and for me, that did not always work. I thoroughly enjoyed the insane absurd segments and wished the edit had gone even further into that territory.

There is much to appreciate in this fan edit. To paraphrase Rambo, this fan edit has balls!

Thumbs Up.

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