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I haven't seen the original version of Thunderball so I can only give my opinion on this movie as if it was the original and instead compare it with the previous. I liked the first two movies despite some flaws but "Goldfinger" balanced all of its tropes, themes, and gimmicks well which was very good and is considered this peak of not just the Sean Connery movies but the entire eon-era franchise too so to capitalize that they made "Thunderball" as the most ambitious but flawed successor compared to its predecessor based on from what I see from the reviews because it wanted to do too much by outmatching "Goldfinger" in everything which I have seen done in many other franchises from before. But Lapis Molari perfectly fixes this movie into becoming the movie, not just a worthy successor to "Goldfinger" but also as good as "Goldfinger" too. The editing, especially with the underwater scenes, flows so well with the story naturally that I couldn't tell if it was fan-edited and compare some scenes to the original to see if there were any mistakes but there was completely none on Lapis Molari side so this will be my go-to version of "Thunderball" from now on.

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