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I have a distinct memory of tuning in to watch this in the evening after dinner when it premiered on TV. My parents didn't believe me that they were showing cartoons at night, but I raised holy hell and they finally let me change the channel to check and sure enough! Cat people with no clothes but somehow also no genitals were flying spaceships and doing magic. Thankfully, my parents humored me and let my imagination run with it.

I've been looking for that version of the premiere ever since then, as I always remembered it being a bit more mature than the later afternoon cartoon usually was. One of the main characters DIES in the movie, and the heroes actually fail in their initial mission. I was traumatized. Upon rewatch, it turns out that all my favorite bits are the added ones for this Extended Edition. Well, except the Robobearblblbs or whatever, who are just hysterical and I had totally forgotten about. (I haven't rewatched this in forever.) The added subplot with them feeling pity for their attackers is incredibly nuanced and interesting for a kids' show, and it's the type of thing that makes this worth a revisit.

To be clear, this is definitely a kids' cartoon, and it's still obvious here that the "movie" is essentially the first several episodes smushed together. Yes, you will hear the Thundercats HOOOOOOO + song at least once every 20 minutes. So this is really best aimed at kids. But I think it totally holds up, as the ideas here are just wild, especially that first 25 minute setup (easily used for a feature film adaptation!) I'd say throw this on for the kids and enjoy watching it alongside them.
Random thoughts while watching:
Huh, so they're on the biggest refugee ship, but there's only 7 of them. Lazy.
Jaga gives them clothes for "protection" on the new planet. Spandex and spikes. Uh, does he think they're going to an S&M planet?
Lion-O is the only one who ages...why are WilyKit and WilyKat growth stunted?! They're actually older than him!
Yeah, my memory wasn't wrong! Cheetara totally hits on Lion-O!
I always grew up assuming Panthro was Black and Tygra was Asian, but listening to their voices now, I'm not so sure...
They really go to great lengths to make Lion-O use his sword for everything other than stabbing.
"The Claw Shield"! I totally forgot the name of that thing!
I could listen to the Robobeeboobal-whatevers talk all day. That must've been a seriously high writer's room, cuz that shiz is hysterical.
Holy crap, this was a Rankin-Bass production?! Where was my Thundercats Holiday Special then?!

Thanks to Booshman for the seamless edits preserving this original airing! Excellent work, my friend.

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