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By far one of the best fan edits on this site.

Titanic is one of the few films that 100% needed an extended edition. I have been searching all over the internet for the past few weeks trying to find the extended edition, but sadly, James Cameron never released one.

Q2 has gathered all 29 (ish) deleted scenes from the film released to the public and has inserted them all into the film in an extraordinary way. The scenes fit in seamlessly and the transitions are very well executed.

My only complaints are with the gym tour scene. Q2 has put it after the tour scene on the bridge, but in the end of the gym tour scene, Andrews says that their next stop is to the bridge. But they've already been there. It's a minor issue that will go unnoticed to casual audiences, but it is a tad bit annoying when you realise it.

Also as a treat, we get to see lost footage from James Cameron's Titanic explorer, which shows collapsible B floating towards the Carpathia.

I also am not the biggest fan of the decision to shoehorn the "Rose's dreams" scene between Molly Brown/Ruth's conversation and Captain Smith/Ismay's conversation in the reception room, it think it would be better if they placed that scene before or after it, but it's only a minor issue.

The movie itself is terrific, with breath-taking visual effects, possibly one of the best romance stories ever put into film, outstanding costumes and stellar performances by Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio and the large supporting cast.

Overall, this is the best Titanic fan edit out there, I highly recommend it and it is a must-see for all.

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January 24, 2022
How can I get a copy of this version?
March 15, 2022
did you still have titanic q2 extended edition?
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