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The same praise and criticism that I gave ADM's "Titanic (1997) White Star Line Edition" applies here, so I'll quote it:

"Titanic (1997) is one of my favorite movies of all time, and while I enjoyed experiencing it in it's completed, uncut form, I also came to the conclusion that the theatrical version is a virtually perfect cut of the film and that many of the deleted scenes were cut for a reason. Some scenes were great, like "I'll be the first", Rose's extended meltdown, Jack walking Rose to First Class, and many of the sinking scenes. But the other scenes, like Lizzy arguing with Brock in the present day after Rose first puts on the diamond, Rose wanting to be a moving picture actress, and Jack fighting Lovejoy in the sinking First Class dining room were horrible and brought the narrative and my enjoyment of the movie down. And the alternate ending? Forget about it! That scene would have killed the film. The only thing I liked about that scene was when Old Rose saw a shooting star, it connected to earlier in the movie in the Jack walking Rose to First Class where they see a shooting star and Jack says "My pops says a shooting star is a soul going to Heaven", which sets up Old Rose's death and her reuniting with Jack in Titanic heaven."

The difference here is the superior video quality, set in gorgeous blu-ray high definition. With all due respect to ADM, if I were to watch a 4 hr Titanic '97, this would be the version I'd watch.

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