TM2YC Wins November 2020 FEOTM

The winner for November 2020 FEOTM is TM2YC with their edit, Blade Runner: The Penultimate Cut!

I appreciated Ridley Scott’s ‘Final Cut’ effort to “perfect” Blade Runner but I really hated the processed, smoothed and heavily teal-tinted new look. I wasn’t satisfied watching the old version in Laserdisc quality and I wasn’t satisfied watching the new version in HD with the changed look. So ‘The Penultimate Cut’ takes the better looking ‘Director’s Cut’ transfer and regrades it to look like ‘Blade Runner’ looked on the last 1999 video release before it was “remastered”. Most but not all of ‘The Final Cut’ fixes are retained (including all wire removals), plus all of the editorial decisions. It’s basically what I always wanted ‘The Final Cut’ to be. It only took me 5-years to complete!

Congratulations, TM2YC!

Blade Runner: The Penultimate Cut on IFDB
Blade Runner on IMDB


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