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I loved Lapis' previous edit for The World is Not Enough, the Bond movie that suceeded this entry, so when I learned he was tackling this film I was thrilled. With Last Survivors own edit of Die Another Day from years ago, we are finally on the way to a Pierce Brosneissance (yup that sounded too forced, remind me not to say that again!)

First things first KD Lang's end song Survivor being moved to the start, I think I just feel a little weird because I'm used to Crow's song. But at the same time, Survivor works because it uses a lot of the segments of music that are using during the rest of the movie, At the same time TND is really suited to the end credits.

The film itself moves along at a brisk pace, it feels pretty much like exposition, action, exposition, action, little spinklings of humour in between, Lapis wanted to cut down on the carictures and though it still feels at times that the the villains are chewing the scenery, it's no longer as gratuitous as it was previously.

I thought I noticed a split second of a scene where the shot looked a little out of place, and I wish I had timestamped because I've tried to find it quickly flicking through and not been able to locate it since. That said, compare to some bond edits this is less severe cut of an enjoyable movie, the trims do help improve the film though so I reccomend it for those looking for a faster paced bond movie.

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